Member Newsletter / 2019-20 Indoor Season Information

Hello Everyone,

It may seem early to talk about indoor tennis but our membership and academy programs are filling fast so we want to help you to plan ahead and get organized for the season!

The first day of indoor play is for Monday, September 23rd
Call in and on-line booking opens 7days prior at 9:15 pm (more notes on this change below)

Please review the newsletter below for information on for the coming season, including membership availability, program registration and more. For those members who filled out the survey last season, we appreciate your feedback and have compiled a Membership FAQ Page in response.  Please see the link below.

Looking forward to seeing you back in the bubble very soon!

Team Joshua Creek


Joshua Creek Tennis – 2019-20 Indoor Season


During our last indoor season, we actually experienced a slight decrease in membership numbers but the demand for lesson programs and pay as you play courts increased, so everything seemed to balance out. With certain members ‘testing the waters’ at a new facility and now opting to come back to Joshua Creek, our current membership numbers are coming in very strong so we are having to plan carefully in terms of the balance of membership-based play vs. the court time that we are allocating for lessons and programs. 

As always, we will limit the membership numbers so that everyone is able to get adequate court time so we encourage you to register now if you haven’t already done so in the Spring. information on how to sign up for this season can be found on the Club website at or you can download the registration form directly from the link below.


Booking Start Time – Changed to 7 days ahead at 9:15 pm

Toward the end of the last indoor season, we put out a member survey and received some very interesting feedback. Generally, the comments were very positive but there were also a lot of questions and suggestions. A good portion of the membership felt that the time that our online system allowed access to book was inconvenient, as it was difficult for the working crowd or parents getting kids to school to make a reservation.

On a trial basis, we are going to start taking bookings in the evenings rather than at 9:00 am. You can go online to reserve your court as early as 7 days in advance, starting at 9:15 pm. As an example, if you want to book a court for Sunday play, you can book in on the Sunday prior,  starting at 9:15 pm.

You can still phone in to reserve a court but we do encourage you to use the online system instead. It’s more efficient for all concerned and your chances of getting the time you want are actually better!


Indoor Season Programming

This season’s program line up will include a similar schedule of events to last year, including Evening House League, Ladies Windoor and Business League Play, Round Robins and Instruction. We are looking at the possibility of some new programs too including a daytime doubles ladder and we will post more information on that as the plans come together.

In terms of other changes for this season, the format for the Wednesday evening ladies House League will change to a Round Robin format similar to how we run our Friday night Round Robin.

We do not intend to enter a team in the Ladies Windoor A Division this season but we will enter teams in the other divisions based on player availability.

In order to help us plan ahead, we ask that all members who have an interest in the above programs, fill out a quick online form by clicking the link below. This includes Windoor and business league players. It very important that we confirm numbers early, so we can determine what teams we will be entering in the league this season.




Our Staff

Steve Theo is back as our Tennis Director and Gloria Liang continues on as Head Tennis Professional. We are really thankful to have them running the Club on a consistent year-round basis. 

Their team includes most of the popular pros from last season including, Meagan, Daniel and our younger assistant pros that have added some great energy! We will miss Damaris for at least a portion of the indoor season as she has asked for some time off to be with her family in Cuba. We do look forward to having her back as early as possible and wish her the all the best while she is away. 

In terms of our admin team, we are excited to have our core group of Vicki, Paris, and Ariel keeping everything organized in our newly renovated, open-concept office space!

We are looking to hire a few more Pros for our ever-expanding program so if you know of any awesome instructors from you summer Clubs that are looking for work, please have them contact the Club. They truly do have to be awesome though…!

We are really pleased to have such a great team of teaching pros and admin staff working with us on a year-round basis. This has really helped us to provide consistent service and offer programs that our members can attend year-round, rather than just during the indoor season.


The Future of Joshua Creek Tennis

This needs to be addressed as there seem to be a lot of rumours circulating and we want to clarify any misinformation.

Things are going really well at Joshua Creek! We are wrapping up another great outdoor season with over 700 children having attended our summer camp and the tennis academy continued to grow in numbers despite some very wet weather in the Spring! The momentum is now carrying over into the indoor season with an influx of new participants wanting to learn tennis. 

This new demographic is what is helping Joshua Creek to really thrive and one big challenge going forward will be to create a balance of court time to satisfy this new demand with the needs of our current membership base. Overall, we are really pleased with the level of interest in what our Club offers and how we have been able to adapt to the changing landscape of tennis in the last few years.

We obviously want to see this demand carry forward into the future so another exciting challenge will be to create a longer-term home for Joshua Creek Tennis. Things look good at our current location for the at least the next 4 to 6 years, but beyond that, we may need to look at building a new facility to take us into the future! With the current success of the Club, we certainly intend to do everything we can to keep Joshua Creek going well into the future!


Thanks for reading everyone. Enjoy the rest of the outdoor season and we look forward to seeing you back in the bubble very soon!

Joshua Creek Admin and Professional Staff