March 20th, 2019

Dear Member,
The end of the current season is fast approaching and information on next years indoor membership at Joshua Creek is now available. There will be no fee increase for next season and as usual, you have the option to register early by leaving a $100 deposit now and a posted dated cheque for next September. Registering early assures that you secure your spot and also adds a certain number of bonus bookings to your total! (see below) and your name is put into a draw to win a free membership!
The form is available on our website at the link below or you can pick up a copy in the office.
Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey we sent out a short time ago. We were able to get some very good feedback on how our tennis members feel about the options Joshua Creek offers for play. The response was great, over one-third of our members completed the survey and we thank you for doing so.
In general, members were pleased with what we offer but there were some consistent questions and some requests that came up consistently. In response, we have made some minor changes for next season (which are detailed below) and plan to compile an FAQ to help answer the most common questions that came up. One big change is a new level of membership that only requires a 20 booking commitment at a lower price point of $399!
Lastly, we do realize the state of the parking lot and have been in discussions with the landowners regarding some proper paving and facility improvements in the Spring. We hope to finalize an arrangement soon as will keep you informed as to the plan. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience with the situation.
Thank you again for being a part of the 2018/19 indoor season. We hope you have enjoyed the season so far and hope to see you over the summer months. If not, have a great outdoor season and we look forward to seeing you in the Fall.
Team Joshua Creek

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Keep reading for more information on the following:

Early Registration Bonus

2019-20 Indoor Tennis Season (Survey Highlights)

Closing Events

Outdoor Tennis at Joshua Creek


Early Registration Bonus

The following number of bonus bookings will be added to your total if you register before the end of our current season.

  • Starter Pack (20 bookings) 2 bonus =22 total
  • Basic (30 bookings) 3 bonus =33 total
  • Basic Plus (45 bookings) 4 bonus =49 total
  • Standard (60 bookings) 5 bonus =65 total
  • Standard (Plus 75 bookings) 6 bonus =81 total
  • Premium (90 bookings) 7 bonus =97 total

Family Share Options

  • Standard (100 bookings) 7 bonus =107 total
  • Premium (120 bookings) 8 bonus =128 total

To register early, we require a deposit and a post-dated cheque. The deposit can either be a credit/ debit payment or a current dated cheque for $100 per member. The second payment must be in the form of cheque post-dated to September 15th, 2019 for the balance. We do not ‘swap out cheques’ for credit card payments in the Fall as we incur additional charges for processing that offset our ability to provide bonus bookings)

2019-20 Indoor Tennis Season (Survey Highlights)

Based on the feedback from the survey, we are compiling a full FAQ to address the most common questions and concerns. When that is available, it will be emailed to the group that filled out the survey. For now, we have some quick information below that relates to the most important questions and changes for next season.
1. Some members were concerned about the cost of play at Joshua Creek. We did an in-depth comparison of a number of area Clubs and confirmed that we do have the most competitive pricing. Keep in mind that typically other Clubs will charge a membership fee in addition to the court fees. If calculating and comparing, remember that at Joshua Creek, we don’t have a membership fee. Your booking package is all-inclusive.
An additional level of membership has been added. You can now purchase a 20 booking ‘starter pack’ for only $399. This is great for members who don’t want the larger upfront fee or play on a limited basis. This is also very good for members who only want to use their bookings for lesson use.
2.  An important change that we are considering based on the survey feedback, is the time of day that we start taking bookings each day. The concern is that a lot of people are at work or on route to work at 9:00 am and can’t go online to book a court. This is a valid point especially when you consider that the evening courts book up fairly quickly and it is the working crowd that plays in the evening. The suggestions were to move the booking time to early in the morning (7:00 am or 7:30 am) or later in the evening around (9:30 pm). We are evaluating the pros and cons of this change but we are leaning toward making a change. We may put out a quick survey and put it to a vote so please look out for that soon. We would like to have a decision will be finalized before the end of March.
3. A good number of members did inquire about extending the time of play longer the current duration but, after careful consideration of the impact this would have on available court time, and on the availability of courts for the membership as a whole, we have decided against any major changes for next season.
Keep in mind that compared to many other facilities, that bill for any additional time used, Joshua Creek has a very flexible policy in regards to staying on your court after you allotted play time. If your court happens to be open, we will allow a grace period of up to a half hour without any additional charge. Please remember that this is not a guarantee and we do reserve the right to move bookings to avoid trapped time and create more open booking time for other members. Additionally, you may not switch to another court in order to get more time. If another court is open, you can check with our admin staff and if it’s available, they will be happy to make another court reservation for you.
4. The fact that we offer one hour of play for singles and 1.5 hours of play for doubles was a concern to some, thinking that doubles players should get two hours of play.  With that said, 70% of survey respondents found that the current system is fair. We realize there are different ways of looking at this but we feel that when playing doubles, you get to play for 90 minutes rather than 60 minutes for the same individual booking charge.
The only way for us to truly even this out would be to go to a membership plus court fee system. We may consider this in future but for next season, we are going to continue with the system that the majority of our members seem content with. The convenience of not having to pay a court fee each time you play is a big factor for a lot of members.
*Please click here for all of the details on the booking policies at Joshua Creek.

Free Membership Draw

In addition to the bonus bookings, anyone who registers on or before April 23rd will have their name entered into a draw. The person drawn will be reimbursed in full for the membership they signed up for! The draw will take place after our final day of play and the winner will be announced on our Club website by Monday, April 22nd. If the winner picked is part of a ‘family share plan’ arrangement they will be refunded for their portion of the membership (full membership cost divided by the number of participants).

Closing Events

In the past, we have run one big closing Round Robin on the final Sunday afternoon. This year that falls on Easter Sunday so we are going to run several smaller wrap-up events instead. One for the Evening House League Groups and one for the Friday Night Round Robin group. Some of the other groups also run there own socials to wind up the season like the Windoor Teams and the Creakers. We will announce all the dates and details to these groups shortly.


Outdoor Tennis at Joshua Creek

After our indoor season, you are able to carry over any excess bookings and use them outdoors at Joshua Creek during the months of May and June. The bubble will be down and the courts will be ready for outdoor play by the first week of May. Members have continued access to our on-line system to make bookings for the outdoor season but as of July 1st, all member accounts are cleared and you must re-join for the following season.

Through July and August, our usual pay as you play rate is $15 per person per booking but if you have signed up for the indoor season, you get a discounted rate of $10/ per person per booking. The same booking rules from the indoor season are applicable for summer play. Court time is generally limited to weekends but we do have some weekday availability.

Our outdoor activities have really expanded over the last few seasons including a busy Tennis Academy and a fun Summer Camp. Click the links below to learn more.

On behalf of all of us at the club, thank you for choosing Joshua Creek and enjoy the rest of the season!