Dear Teacher & Principal,

Joshua Creek Tennis is a year round tennis and sports facility located on the border of Oakville and Mississauga. We have developed a great reputation within the community for providing quality children’s programming including tennis lessons, summer camps and our new in school gym class tennis program!

We would like to introduce a great opportunity to provide  fun and physical  fitness to your students with our gym class tennis program. Our certified teaching professionals will come to you with all the required equipment and set up right  in your school gym (or outdoor tennis courts).

Please review the information below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a free demo class!

Our aim is to introduce children to tennis in a fun and active way!  Kids learn the basics of tennis using Tennis Canada’s new ‘progressive tennis’ teaching model. immediate success and employ only enthusiastic,  knowledgeable instructors.

Our pros will lead the class through the basic fundamentals of the forehand, backhand, serve and volley. We will also cover basic coordination, rally skills and footwork. The program stresses partner drills, basic rally skills and lots of fun. We also provide mini racquets, mini nets and softer balls which help provide a quick learning curve and an immediate sense of accomplishment and enjoyment.

We encourage the teacher to participate as an assistant tennis pro and by doing so will develop the skills to continue working with the students once the session is complete.


Our unique program is designed to keep larger groups or children (a full class) active and involved which keeps the individual costs very reasonable. Please contact us for current rates.

Bonus Offers
Schools that. participate in our program are eligible for the following bonus offers…

  • Discounts on our summer camp program for their students
  • Free Summer Camp Voucher (for fundraising or other purposes)

Thank you in advance for your consideration. We hope to have the opportunity to visit your school soon!

Craig Young
Program Coordinator
Joshua Creek Tennis