Singles bookings are guaranteed for a minimum duration of one hour and doubles bookings for 1.5 hours. If you happen to end up with extra time after your booking, we are happy to have you extend your playing period for a maximum or 1/2 hour without any additional charges. If you finish you play and want to continue playing on another open court, we require that you go into the office to determine the availability and we will book your names to hold the court. This does require a second booking.

Note: If you arrive early for your game and the court is open, it is up to the discretion of the staff whether you may go on early. We want to avoid disrupting play with too many people waking behind the court when it’s not a change over time.

Getting extra time is not a guarantee and should not be the expectation, especially at busy points in the season. We ask for your cooperation by avoiding making a booking that intentionally creates extra time for your match, as this very often blocks out other members from getting a court.

Booking Before and After Lessons and Events.
 There are certain lessons and club events that are pre-booked at the same times each week. Please refrain from booking in such a way that it creates a 1/2 hour of unused court time. Starting your booking at 6:30 for example when a clinic ends at 6:00 or booking a singles at 3:00 when the clinic begins at 4:30. Similarly, if there is two hours of open court time between bookings, try not to book right in the middle. This will only result in a phone call from the desk asking if you can move your booking.
There are some specific booking patterns through the week that we will use as examples:
Weekday singles booking at 3:00. Please book at either 2:30 or 3:30 to avoid blocking out two singles courts. If you play at 2:30 you may get extra time after and if you book at 3:30 and the court ends up open before, please feel free to come in early. Again, this is not a guarantee of extra time.
Evening singles bookings at 9:30. This similar to the 3:00 time slot noted above. Please book at either 9:00 or 10:00 and if you end up with extra time great but booking at 9:30 is keeping others from getting courts are we are getting repeated requests to free up these times.
Priority Slots for Doubles
There has been consistent feedback from doubles groups about having a difficult time getting 1.5 hour courts in busier times. We have allocated a few courts for doubles play only. Unfortunately, our booking system does not have the ability to block off these times, so as a workaround, we have blocked them off and doubles groups will have to phone it to reserve them. Like any normal booking, they will be first come, first serve. This does not preclude doubles bookings on other courts, it simply creates certain blocks that will help facilitate doubles play. If for whatever reason these courts do not fill up for doubles play they will be opened up again for general booking.
Requests to adjust a booking
During busy times of the season, there is a rush to book 6 days ahead. Bookings begin at 9:00 am and after the first 5 minutes, we can end up with most of the prime court times filled and quite often a few half hours slots remain. Due to this, a booking may unintentionally end up in an awkward spot blocking out other court times. Our administrative staff will call and ask members to change their time by 1/2 and hour in order to create an open time for other members. We ask for your cooperation if we need to move your booking and remind you that we will make the same effort for you if you end up needing a court and a simple shift of a 1/2 hour will make the difference.
End of the night bookings
The Club is generally open until 11:00 pm but we do reserve the right to adjust our closing time based on the last booking of the evening. If we do end up closing early, we will grant the last bookings with a 15 minute grace period.