1. Members purchase a certain number of bookings in advance for the season.  Bookings can be used whenever you would like to play,  but we encourage you to use them on a regular basis in order not to have an excess at the end of the season. There are no weekly or monthly restrictions. It is, however, the responsibility of each member to plan out how much tennis they play and purchase their level of membership accordingly. Bookings cannot be shared except in the case of spouses who are both members and have the same level of membership or if you have a family share plan. Bookings are not transferable from one season to the next


2. One booking per member is required for each game. Bookings can be used for an hour of singles or an hour and a half of doubles. If the court you are playing on ends up open after your allotted time, you may play on for an additional 1/2 hour without additional charges. This however is not guaranteed and if you exceed the 1/2 hour grace period or switch to another court to continue play, additional booking and/ or guest charges will apply – please see our policies on additional playing time. You may also choose to use your bookings to participate in house league, round robins, team matches, lessons or other club programs.


3. The online reservations system keeps an accurate record of bookings used. All members are required to sign in before each game. The Staff member on duty will then verify that all names on the sign-in sheet match with the names on our online booking system.


Guest Policy (for indoor play) – Updated for 2021-22

  • Only one guest per member is allowed per booking. (meaning one member cannot bring 3 guests for a doubles booking)
  • A member may bring the same guest in a maximum of one time per week and a maximum of 15 times per season.
  • Guest fees will increase to $23 during the day and $25 for evening and weekend play.


Membership Upgrades/ Adding Bookings

Should you require more bookings to make it through the season, you can add more to your total at any time or agree to be billed by credit card at the end of the season for any court time used in excess of your original total. These bookings are only available if you have purchased and used up a club membership and are priced based on the original level. You may also choose to upgrade your membership to another level. This option is only available until the end of January and the cost is calculated based on the difference in price between the two levels of membership plus a 10% surcharge (on the difference only).


Additional Rules

• The club phone line or online booking system is open for booking starting at 9:00 am sharp

• Court reservations are taken a maximum of 6 days in advance of the time of play.

• Two names are required to hold a singles court (for one hour) and four names are required to hold a doubles court (for 1 ½ hours)

• Members may have as many courts reserved as they like but are limited to a maximum of one advanced booking per day (including event bookings such as round robins, house league and private lessons). Certain exceptions may be made if court times are more open or if other extenuating circumstances apply.

• If you already have a booking, you may book a second court for that same day but the booking can only be made on the day of play.

• You may not intentionally book in a time slot that creates an unused 1/2 hour opening – The Club reserves the right to adjust the start time of a booking by 1/2 hour if this is being done intentionally or on a repeat basis. (more on this below)

• The Club also reserves the right to move bookings from one court to another in order to create more open time.

• In one phone call, one person may not book for more than one group at a time.

• Between 9:00 am and 9:15 am members who are present at the Club must use the ‘member computer’ provided to make their own reservations.

• Tennis Members may not leave notes for the staff member on duty to make bookings for them.

• Booking a 1/2  hour to practice serving is allowed but only on a teaching court and only if the ½ hour block does not limit another group from using a full hour for singles. The cost is 1 booking for the 1/2 hour. Ball baskets are available for rent from the pro-shop

• If your court is open after your allotted time, you may continue to play for a maximum of 1/2 hour without incurring an additional booking charge. If you continue for more that a 1/2 hour, or switch courts to extend your playtime, additional booking and/ or guest charges will apply.

  • If you are playing during the last round of bookings at night, there is no time extension on the booking so that the staff member can close the facility on time. If the last  bookings finish earlier than the closing time, the Club will extend play for a maximum of 15 minutes

• Tennis ball baskets may not be used on courts other than one, two or six with the net drawn

• Outside teaching is strictly prohibited, only our designated club professionals may provide instruction to members or guests.

• Proper attire, footwear (*no black soled shoes) and tennis etiquette are required at all times. Players with marking shoes will be asked to leave the court and the booking will not be refunded.

• Members must not enter the court area until the buzzer has sounded to indicate the start of their time. Please use courtesy and wait for a point to end before crossing behind another member’s court.


Booking Policy – Leaving 1/2 hour openings

The Club reserves the right to adjust the court time if it appears that a member has booked a court to intentionally create an additional 1/2 of our play for their own use.

An example of this kind of infraction is where a member books a singles court at 3:00 before our junior tennis academy which typically begins at 4:30, creating 1.5 hours of play for a singles booking. In a case like this, the office staff have been instructed to adjust this court time to a 3:30 start and notify the member of the change by email. An additional email will be sent by the Gametime system (online booking system) indicating the court time has been changed. The member may call in or go online and adjust the start time to 2:30 if they prefer but by default, the Club will adjust the booking back a half-hour so that if the member does not check their email notification they will arrive early rather than late for the adjusted court time.

If a member unintentionally ends up in a prime time slot that creates wasted court time (which can happen with everyone trying to book courts at the same time) our office staff will do our best to move bookings from one court to the next without changing booking times. If we do need to adjust a booking time to free up a half hour and accommodate a member request for a court we will call and politely ask the member is able to adjust their time. If you receive such a call we ask you to keep in mind that we will do the same for you if you ever need a court!

These rules are for the benefit of everyone and they are not intended to restrict the amount of playtime in any way. We encourage you to take advantage of extra time before or after your booking should it happen to be open but we cannot allow this time to be intentionally created, particularly if it blocks out other members from getting the court time that they have paid for in advance. We will use discretion and our best judgement when enforcing these rules but the aim is to be both consistent and reasonable. The overall mandate is to provide equal access to the courts to all members.


Cancellations and No-Shows

If you book a court or a place in a club event and do not show up or do not provide at least 24 hours cancellation notice, the booking will automatically be charged to your account. The club will be considerate of special circumstances and will take appeals by email only (


Lesson Rules

Lessons will be scheduled during designated times and will be taught by a Joshua Creek Club Professional only. Outside of designated lesson times (posted in the Club office) lessons can only be booked two days ahead. The Club reserves the right to restrict the number of lessons a member takes per week to create openings for other members to schedule a lesson. All lessons use up one booking per member (unless specified otherwise) and the student is charged according to the fee schedule of the specific tennis professional.