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Registration is Now Open for the 2021 Outdoor Program

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2021 Junior Tennis Academy

At Joshua Creek, we offer very popular year-round instructional programs for adult and junior participants. The development level program accommodates students ranging from our ‘Future Stars’ division for young beginners right up to advanced levels for more accomplished players starting to enter tournament play.   We also offer a 36-week Performance Division for junior players competing at provincial and national levels.

Scheduling for development levels consists of a 24 to 26-week indoor program that begins in late September and runs through mid-April.  During the outdoor season, we have sessions of various lengths that run from May through August. Various time slots and options are available based on the age and level of the participant.

Beginner 6 to 7 years old

Future Stars

Future stars is a great place to start! This class builds confidence, coordination skills and provides an introduction to the fundamentals of tennis. We use mini-nets and modified equipment to promote quick skill development and the ability to rally even at a very young age. This is a high energy, super fun experience designed to give kids an amazing start that leads to a lasting interest in the sport!

Beginner (Various Age Ranges)

Rising Stars (BRONZE)

Beginner to Low Intermediate. An ideal class for camp participants who would like to continue in tennis!

Intermediate (Various ages groups)

Shooting Stars (SILVER)

Younger students are able to carry out a 3/4 rally with a pro and older students are able to carry out a full game but require refinements in technique, improved consistency and playing experience.

Advanced (10 to 16)

High Performance (GOLD)

This class is for students who have a good technical foundation and are ready for higher level drills, advanced hitting scenarios and playing situations.

Elite (Various ages groups)


Similar to our High Performance Academy but for even stronger players. This is an 'invitation only' program.

Performance Division

In the Fall of 2020,  Joshua Creek launched a brand new Performance Division of our academy for juniors that are training at provincial and national levels. The program is overseen by Victor Hoang and some of Ontario’s most highly regarded coaches in junior tennis development.

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