At Joshua Creek we have designated pros that are available for private lessons. If you have been taking lessons from a particular pro, please contact the pro directly to schedule a lesson. If you do not have a direct link to a pro, please send your information to and we will have a pro contact you. If you would like to join a group class and don’t have partners, you may leave your information at the office and we will try to coordinate partners. Teaching by outside instructors is strictly prohibited.


Booking Rules and Policies:

Due to a full membership, private lesson times may be limited and are generally scheduled during off-peak hours. This is necessary because a private lesson generally accommodates only one member at a time whereas a regular booking can accommodate up to 4 players at a time.

Please consult your Pro or check the court schedule in the office for available times.

Lesson costs vary based on the court time booked and the pro. For details on costs, please consult your Pro.

Ball baskets cannot be used on courts other than 1, 2 or 3 and the screens must be pulled across.

Private lessons may not be scheduled if a team match or other event is running

If a private lesson time becomes very popular, one member may not monopolize a particular lesson time and the Club may require a fair rotation be implemented.


New Member Assessments:

If you are new to the Club and would like to schedule a 1/2 hour assessment with a Pro there is a reduced charge of $20 (no booking’s are charged). This consists of a 20 minute on court assessment and a 10 minute discussion that will include program recommendations based on your level of play. This option is also available to non-members if the Club is not full.


Non-Member Policy:

During our indoor season non-members are limited to taking lessons in off-peak times  and lessons can only be booked 2 days in advance (starting at 9:00 am) Rather than a “booking charge”, a standard guest fee  is added to the lesson fee. This is in place of the booking charge that a member would incur.