Summer Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the daily rotation of activity?

Each camp group follows a daily routine of activity which is planned based on their program option and their age. Tennis is the primary focus of the camp so there are two sessions daily for the full day participants and one session daily for the half day participants. Each session consists of an hour to an hour and a half on the tennis court participating in various drills, games and rally situations.

Children who have registered in the golf program spend and hour to and hour and a half each day on the golf side of the facility where they alternate time between the driving range, the chipping green and the putting area. While at golf, the kids are encouraged to follow some basic guidelines to promote successful development but we do not get into detailed instruction or technique. We want them to have fun, stay safe and enjoy the chance to practice without too much pressure or expectation.

There will be some variance day to day in order to accommodate weather concerns and other fun things that we include in the week like Fun Fridays and our mini-tournament toward the end of the week.

How are the children divided into groups?

Children are organized into appropriate groups based on age and the program they sign up for. If children are registered for the same program and the ages are compatible, you may request your child be paired with a friend or sibling and we will be more than happy to accommodate.

What is the age range of children in the program?

We will accept children between the ages of 5 and 14.  Ordinarily, children are grouped in the following age ranges. 5 to 7, 8 to 10 and 11 to 14.

*We ask that parents consider whether their younger children are ready for the program. The programs are of an active nature and we require the child be able to follow instruction and stay with the group. Children that have a tendency to “wander” or children who required individualized attention are not ready for the program. We put safety first and if one child demands all the attention from the counselor it is not fair to the other participants…

What happens in the event of rain?

We have a full schedule of rainy day activities planned in case of inclement weather. Each group is assigned a shelter or indoor area where children will enjoy games, crafts and ot her activities until the rain passes. We attempt to link our indoor activities to the sports we offer. For example; sports related pictionary, quizzes, and discussions. This is also an excellent opportunity for team building and leadership exercises.

What is the ratio of supervision?

Each counselor is assigned to a maximum of ten participants. We also have camp supervisors who are not assigned to groups who monitor the camp and check in from group to group to ensure that all things are running safely and smoothly. There is further supervision from the Tennis Director, Senior level Club Professionals and mature members of our office staff.

What are the qualifications of your staff?

The success of our camp has always been largely due to a very carefully selected group of trusted staff members. All of our camp counselors receive proper training and receive continual support from our Supervisory Team through the summer.

Our camp staff also work closely with our Tennis Director, Steve Theodoropolous (Theo) and members of our Tennis Academy Team to run an amazing Tennis Canada based program. 

All in all, we have a very responsible, caring, competent group and realize the responsibility that you are entrusting us with.  Our camp is relatively small and the groups tend to work in close proximity to one another, allowing us to closely monitor all of our staff. Police checks are also required.

What does my child have to bring?

Due to the athletic, active nature of the program, we ask that children come prepared with a healthy lunch and snacks, a water bottle,  hat, and sunscreen. Comfortable athletic clothing and non-marking shoes are required (avoid black soles if you can). In terms of equipment, a tennis racquet is essential and can be purchased in our pro-shop if required. Our staff will be happy to fit your child with a suitable size. Golf clubs are available to borrow but please bring your own if your child has a set of appropriately sized clubs.

We have a small tuck shop on site. Some kids like to bring money for a freezie or bag of chips at lunch. Speaking of food, we have teamed up with the ‘Lunch Lady’ services so you can order hot lunches for the week.

If you are dropping your child off early or picking them up late a book or something to pass the time is a good idea. We also have games, cards and a movie playing to pass the time until you pick them up.